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Dean: Dr. Shiaw-Hua Chien

  1. Highest Degree:

Ph.D. in Literature from Tohoku University

  1. Administrative Experience:

Dean of the College of Humanities and Social Sciences, Chung Hua University (2017.8 - present)

Director of Language Center of Chung Hua University (2017.8 - 2018.2)

Chairperson of the Department of Applied Japanese, Chung Hua University

(2009.8 - 2017.2)

  1. Academic Expertise:

History of Japanese Thoughts, Japanese Culture, Foreign Sinology

  1. Recent Academic Achievements and Research Project Implementation:


  1. Major Awards:

Outstanding Teaching Award, Outstanding Service Award, Outstanding Counseling Award.

  1. Major Social Services:

Served as reviewers or committee members for various government and international subsidy programs, awards, qualification examinations, etc.