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Features of the College

Features of the College

  1. Purpose and Educational Goals:

The College of Humanities and Social Sciences is positioned as a platform that delivers high-quality education and connects industry and university. This college aims to provide humanities and social science education that meets the diverse needs of students after graduation. With the educational goal of cultivating talents in humanities and social sciences, this college nurtures international potentials with IT abilities.

  1. Basic Attainment and Core Competencies:

Teamwork, coordination and communication, and problem solving ability are mandatory attainment in this college. In addition, this college demands students for foreign language ability, information application ability, planning and implementation ability.

  1. Features of the College

"Internationalization, Practicality, Informatization" oriented Curriculum and Learning Activities

    1. Curriculum design:
  1. Internationalization:

Globalized foreign language core–elective courses provided

  1. Practicality:

Elective courses taught by industrial/ business professionals

  1. Informatization: AI related information science course provided
    1. Learning activities:
  1. International mobility:

Internationalization exchange and Overseas study program provided

  1. Social services:

Participant college of local and national government programs in education, international exchanges and regional administrative management.

  1. Business internship:

Domestic and overseas internship opportunity available.

  1. Creative courses:

Mandatory graduation project production and competition.